5 Way To Make Money On Instagram 2021

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5 Way To Make Money On Instagram 2021


How to get money from Instagram? Here are the answers like dropshipping, copywriting, finding freelance clients in your niche or expertise, selling photos, etc. But will it really work or good in 2021?. If you want to know the answer then must read our top 5 ways to make money on Instagram 2021 guide.

Approx 7 billion is the population of our globe and 1 billion is the monthly active users of Instagram. Sounds crazy right?. Yes, Instagram in 2021 is the second-largest social media platform where you get many different ways to make money.

So if you have an Instagram page or shop but want to know some easy and effective money-making ways. Then below we give the top 5 ways to make money from this fastest-growing social media platform.



5 way to make money on Instagram 2021

Start With Sponsored Post

Most Instagram influencers make money from sponsored posts. So why you left behind them. In simple words, a person who has a reputation, trust, and loyalty in a niche on the market. They are able to convenience their audience to purchase a recommended product. So Instagram influencers convince or influence their viewers to purchase or aware of their recommended brand products or new trends.

If you have an audience, who trusts, interacts with your post, discusses their problems, in short, you maintain a good relationship with your audience then sponsored posts will be an excellent money-making route on Instagram.

How much money you should expect from a sponsored post?. It depends on a couple of things like the number of followers, engagement, trust, niche, and personality.

Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid Instagram influencer in the world?

Approximately $1 million dollars he charged for a single sponsored post, according to Forbes.

This much money requires excellent trust, personality, talent, hard work, and strategy to know your customer. But a person who recently started an Instagram page and has a minimum of 5k to 10k followers should easily expect $10 to $500 from a single sponsored post.



  • list yourself on the influencer market to reach more brands for your targeted niche.
  • Only pick those brand products that belong to your niche and are helpful for your followers. It helps to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your viewers.
  • Don’t hide sponsored posts from your audience, instead of that, you can use Instagram hashtags like #sponsored or #ad.



Affiliate Other Brand Products

Sponsored post mainly a recommendation for engagement or the awareness of a brand or their product. But affiliate is a way to generate sales by recommending other brand products to your targeted audience. Each sale gives you a good amount of commission which varies on different brands’ products.

It’s free and You can easily join niche-oriented, high-paying affiliate programs and start promoting their product links to earn a commission. Affiliate is a little bit tricky but has the potential to grow your business more efficiently. Although, selling a product through Instagram is easy if you have a strategy, some copywriting skills, and knowledge about your followers.


ShareASale, Clickbank, CJ,  RewardStyle, etc are some popular affiliate programs where you can join for free. Moreover, it is a hustle-free business where you don’t need to purchase any product or store or invest in them. You just need to drive traffic in your selecting brand’s websites, if anyone makes any purchase you get a commission. But the interesting fact is, affiliate programs don’t need a lot of followers to insert a link in your bio.

Besides that, Instagram is the second-largest social media platform, approx 500 million people scroll insta pages daily. So now you have an idea about the potential of this platform.



  • Target high-paying affiliate programs to generate more commission from a single sale.
  • Create eye-catching and engaging Instagram posts to reach more people in a short amount of time.
  • For excellent engagement, you can go through various viral posts that belong to your niche. Get ideas from there and rebuild your post to go viral again.
  • Affiliate through Instagram needs excellent copywriting skills which influences people to purchase the product from your bio link.


Promote Your Own Products

If you are a business owner or want to sell some physical or digital products online then definitely try this fastest-growing social media platform, Instagram. A successful Instagram page works like an e-commerce website, store, or platform where buyers and sellers both interact with each other.

But most importantly, visual effect or visual pictures that plays a vital role in this platform. Only those who win the game, who create simple but beautiful pictures of a product. If your product looks good then it sells well. You can easily sell digital products like videos, pictures, courses, animation, etc, and physical products like shoes, shirts, jewelry, etc. But the requirement is creativity which helps to convert a simple picture into a storytelling visual.

Did you know that approx 95 million photos and videos are uploaded on Instagram? But the interesting part is images, which are shareable. So think about that, if your post goes viral then it should be noticed by millions of people and you get the organic traffic for free on your page, website, post, and store. So go to Instagram, create a page or store, make a strategy, click some beautiful pictures of your products and start promoting for free.



  • Hashtags are the important things to drive traffic in your post. So choose your tags wisely.
  • If you have no budget to invest in products then try dropshipping or Amazon FBA. Where you don’t need to buy any products for sale. Just drive traffic on your post, collect orders and book the item through dropshipping websites. They store, pack, manage and deliver the product to your customer door. Then you get profit.
  • Lastly, don’t think about the competition, because 49% of companies don’t have proper social media strategies. So if you plan, track, and have an analytic mind then your brand definitely goes up in the chart list.


Sell Your Creative Photographs

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram is a platform for visual content. Where eye-catching content runs for a long time and drives more sales than others. So if you are a professional photographer or passionate to collect interesting images around you.

Then Instagram is a platform that definitely helps you to make a six-figure income monthly. Before Instagram, emails are the option for photographers to share their talent. But now they found a platform where real talent gets value in dollars. Just click some creative images, upload them on your Instagram page, share your showcase with others, got hired, and paid.

Instagram photographers sell their stock photos for $5 to $10, depending on the size and platform. Moreover, brands are looking for professional photographers who have a creative mind to make their product images more interesting and engaging.



  • Showcase your creative photos on Instagram and start selling your service for marriage, festivals, events, special occasions, etc.
  • Post your shots with the right hashtags to get more organic traffic.
  • Take more pictures in your local areas to get hired by local clients.
  • Find other photographers and contact them, It helps to build your knowledge, increase followers, and also get noticed by big brands.
  • Below each photo, you can also add interesting short stories and captions. it will boost the engagement, besides increasing the followers in your targeted audience.
  • Printing photos is also an option for you, Where you collect Instagram photos and make a photo book. So also Provide this service to your clients that make some extra bucks in your pocket.



Share Your Copywriting Skill

Beautiful visuals help to reach more people on Instagram but writing captions, hashtags, and copywriting skills generate sales to make a profit. Copywriting on Instagram works as a call to action.

Where viewers can interact with your written story, understand the product, benefits, and value to make a purchase. Only a well-written caption and attractive words influence the audience to go through from your bio link.

So are you creative and engage with customers by some characters?

Can You review a product within a few words?

If yes then copywriting is an excellent way to make money on Instagram 2021.

As we mentioned several times how popular and how engaging Instagram in this present day. More than 1 billion active users visit this app every month. So every giant corporation and small startups turn their businesses online through social media. But again 49% of companies don’t have a strategy to grow on these platforms.

So here you come as a copywriter to help these small startups and grow their business on Instagram. Most copywriters spend their days writing attractive sales pages to get more sales. So if you are good in this field then Instagram gives you the opportunity to make dollars by writing some excellent captions and stories.



  • An experienced Instagram copywriter easily makes $50k to $100K per annum.
  • Big corporate giants maintain a professional copywriter’s team to market their products and convert sales more effectively. So if you have some knowledge and expertise in copywriting then small businesses are a good option to target.
  • Laura Belgrade is a new york-based copywriter, who earns approx $950 per hour from Instagram. Although, she has written for more than 20 years and also works with Big brands like NBA, HBO, etc. If she could then you also get at least a few bucks by copywriting.